May. 17th, 2008

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I said I would never do this again. I apologize.

I will do seven inch two d dream catchers for 25 dollars (twenty and five for shipping).
I will do seven inch three d dream catchers for 35 dollars (thirty and five for shipping).
I will do twelve inch three d dream catchers for 50 dollars (seven or so for shipping).
I will do a custom my little pony Starting at 40 dollars (email me)
I can make icons starting at 3 dollars.
I will do sketches for 15 dollars
I will do Line art for 20 dollars
I will do color for 30 dollars
I will do color and background for 45 dollars (however I'm not good with backgrounds, XD)
I can make chain maille jewelry (email me for prices because that varies a lot).

My deviant art page is here, which I need to update. I do have talent I just need to apply myself and refine it.

For the ones that don't know I'm type two diabetic, diagnosed in December, and I'm still testing my blood a lot to figure out the things I need to do to take care of myself so that I'll be around for a long time living a good healthy life. :)

And I'm out of test strips. >.< I need to raise a net of 110 (after shipping and supplies are paid for) to get enough test strips to last me a month. Payday's not until next week, but I can't take any money out of that because it will all have gone to summer one tuition, bills, and critter needs.

I told myself I wasn't going to do the commission thing anymore for trying to take care of stuff like this, but I really need the testing supplies and my insurance won't cover most of the damned strips.

Any help at all will be deeply appreciated. Pass this along.

Commishes aren't filled, if anyone wants anything email me at silver dot honehe at gmail dot com, however I am no longer in desperate need of medical supplies due to some of my most WONDERFUL friends ever. <3


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